Brand building workshop

Lou’s brand building workshops have been utilised by companies from a multitude of industries from all around the world.  The end result will enable you to answer the four distinct questions that is the keystone to every business.

Who are you?
Who needs to know?
How will they find out?
Why should they care?


Gift cards

Almost everyone has purchased gift cards for a whole plethora of products, but what could be more valuable than the gift of knowledge? 

The Finding Yellow Gift Card provides your friend or family member with a 2- hour intense consultancy and coffee session with Lou McGregor that could be the catalyst in pressing the go button on their ‘almost there’ business idea or provide more clarity about the direction in which they wish to go.

The session includes a follow-up email from Lou with a brief summary and top three recommendations from the session, and is accompanied by a beautiful yellow leather-bound notebook journal to jot down all the valuable information.

Cost: $300 + GST.
Value: priceless


“Lou, the time spent with you gave me the clarity and confidence I was looking for to forge ahead with my business.  I am also so thrilled I listened to your advise on the colours and packaging for our brand; it has made all the difference to the success of our product”.

Natasha Fair, CEO, Ayusa.

About Lou McGregor

Lou is a Brand specialist who has worked in key strategic management roles for some of Australia and the United Kingdom’s most respected companies including being part of the foundation launch team for Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Money Australia. She is an entrepreneur who successfully conceptualised and managed the growth of one of South East Queensland’s and UK’s most respected Brand advertising agencies, has worked on projects to enhance the brand reputation of the Gold Coast and formulated a brand workshop mythology that has been used from startups to large corporations looking to better understand their brand personality, their team and their unique message to the world.

Finding Yellow personal brand workshops

For personal brand enhancements, Lou McGregor has tailored brand learnings from the corporate world into an interactive personal brand workshop that integrates corporate and inner-self strategies leaving individuals feeling energised and renewed.   The Finding Yellow personal branding workshop is perfect for corporate motivation days and individuals looking to find inspiration and courage to take the next step in their personal or business life.

“Thank you so much for your time delivering an amazing workshop Lou. The team are so very grateful and went home and shared with their families as well. We all loved it.”

Jules Marsh, Area Manager, NDIS


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