Do you remember the days when the notion of your business concept was just a beautiful idea that you would daydream about? (much like the concept of meeting Mr or Ms Right online).  Then the confidence set in and you realised if you focused, put in the time and energy and took a risk (just like swiping right!) it could actually become a thing?

So you took that risk and made it happen.  Remember those early days when you couldn’t get enough of each other?  You couldn’t wait to carry the brand of your business on your arm every where you went. You got up at the crack of dawn and kept going long after clock off time to ‘network’, created a beautiful space in your new office (new furniture, plants) and perhaps even a candle.

You loved what you had created. You lived and breathed it.  You knew there would be challenges, that you would need patience to understand each other and some tough days but you didn’t care because, you chose this.

You could have gone in many other directions but you picked this one. It emerged from your own calling to do something with your life; to test that creative genius and to live according to your rules (not the sanctions and red tape of 9 to 5 corporate life.) 

Then months, or maybe a few years later, something shifted. You’d turn up a bit later each day, forget to water the plants, stopped talking about it to others and, more concerning, to the actual business itself. You became a little complacent forgetting that if you take something for granted it tends to do the same to you.  So, stuff got frustrating, you’d take things personally, get short tempered, speak negatively and as a result, business started to drop, the clients became more difficult and the ‘swings and roundabouts’ felt more like a big mother slippery dip.

The above is inevitable in nearly all relationships because we are mere mortals.  But the question is what are you going to do about it? Because, when you truly love your business without obligation, it will love you right back. If you don’t give it that love, attention and time it will simply become transactional and we all know that transactional relationships are the easiest ones to wilt away.

So how do you fall in love with your business again?

You take it on a date.

You go back to the beginning and get to know it. Ask it questions, look closely at what it is currently going through, listen without judgment and make a choice to work on those difficult areas.

You look at its current status and it's ultimate potential.

You give it time, energy, passion and gratitude.

Then, you get excited that it is still yours, its still breathing and there is a world of opportunity right in front of you.

Finding Yellow Co have assisted hundreds of business owners of all industries and sizes renew their focus and love for their business.

We do this via our Brand workshop which takes owners right back to the basics so they can walk out being able to answer the following questions essential for any business that has a chance of growing.

  • Who are you?
  • Who needs to know?
  • How do they find out?
  • Why should they care?

We then, like your own personal councillor, help you bring it all together.

"My business was starting to feel more like a stress  and burden than the amazing creation I had created and was so proud of 13 years earlier.  I just felt stuck.  After hearing about Lou from Finding Yellow Co we decided to invest in her Brand Workshop.  It was the catalyst to a reinvigoration of our brand, website, photography and different way of thinking but more importantly, it renewed my passion for an amazing business that I had created and always loved.  I just needed to find my way again."
Tracy, Owner, Naturally Sustainable.

It's not easy.  It takes an open mind, a strong desire to make it better and approximately four hours of intense thinking in our sessions but we've never had one client walk out not feeling a sense of renewed energy, excitment and love for what they know they do best.

If this has triggered something for you please get in touch here to know more [email protected]

If you're not quite ready today at least take a moment to look up at your surroundings, say thank you and go and water those plants!