Yellow is a vibrancy, an energy, a zest for life and let's face it, we all could do with a dose of that right now.

Business owners in 2020 may feel like they've had a big, fat concrete wall shoved up in front of their face with the 'norm' turned completely on its head and an overwhelming pressure to pivot fast or forget everything.

Without sounding cliche, 2020 can come with hidden benefits depending on which way you look at it. In times like these when forced to think outside the box, the mind can be opened to bigger thinking, greater visions and help shed the complacent attitude that leads to the dreaded 'mediocre' that we are all sometimes guilty of living.

Thinking differently, doing things differently and opening minds to new ideas does not need to be expensive. It just takes some dedicated focus and the right company to help bring these 'ideas' into reality.

Because how many of us really want to work and live life being mediocre? Wouldn't we rather push, dig, poke, make holes, move things upside down and sideways until that 'AHA' moment hits...this idea,creation or strategy will work! It's going to make a Dent. Your Dent.  The one that will set you apart

Today Finding Yellow Co opens its doors for the first time to businesses from all around the world with a massive dose of energy and focus to help bring out the best in you. We help you #findyourheartbeat, keep company with the best creative and strategic minds in the industry and our absolute passion (and what we're bloody good at!) is facilitating branding, public relations and creative workshops with you and your team to help get you unstuck and pivot in a direction that you may never have dreamed possible.

Our office in the fabulous The 4217 Building in the heart of Surfers Paradise also comes complete with its very own big fat concrete wall. We've decided to paint it yellow to remind ourselves and everyone who walks past what it is we are all actually capable of.

We would absolutely love to welcome you to take a photo of our wall or walk through our doors for the next step of your journey.